About Guardian Multi Speciality Hospital

Guardian Multi Speciality Hospital located at the west cost of Kerala-Moonnupeedika, Kaipamangalam, Thrissur Dist, Kerala. Is a Multispeciality hospital with all the Medical & Surgical Specialties and modern medical Facilities.

This Multi Speciality hospital is a product of hard work of highly motivated group of Doctors and Staff. The Hospital is built in an Architectural Design that take the patients psychological need in to account, such as providing more Fresh Air, better views and access to the "Healing Powers of Nature". It promises utmost specialist care in Medical Fields.


Casualty, Accident& trauma care, pharmacies, laboratory, microbiology Lab, IUL Lab, X-Ray, Ultra Sound Scanning, Echo Colour Doppler, Computerized TMT, Mobile X-Ray, C-Arm, Phototherapy& Incubator, Adult& Paediatric Ventilators, 5 Operation Theatres, Intensive Coronary Care Unit(ICCU), Medical ICU, Surgical ICU, Neonatal ICU, Labor Room, Dietary, Physiotherapy, Incinerator, Sewage Treatment plant, Centralized Gas System, Mortuary, Canteen, Public Telephone Booth, Ambulance, spacious car parking, quite& Natural Atmosphere.